[PEAK] ruledispatch and python 2.5

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Mon Oct 30 18:08:16 EST 2006

At 05:58 PM 10/30/2006 -0500, Kevin Dangoor wrote:
>On Oct 29, 2006, at 6:02 PM, Phillip J. Eby wrote:
>>At 01:29 PM 10/29/2006 -0500, Kevin Dangoor wrote:
>>>The pyrex list has people posting their unofficial versions of pyrex
>>>for 2.5. I haven't seen anyone speak up with a response about an
>>>"official" release for 2.5. Can we use one of these alternative pyrex
>>>versions to make ruledispatch work with python 2.5? Are there any
>>>tradeoffs to consider (or any other incompatibilities beyond pyrex)?
>>There are a couple of grammar changes in 2.5 that affect the
>>ast_builder module; I don't have a patch at this point and don't
>>know when I will get to it.  Tested patches welcome.  :)
>Would it be usable without those changes?

As long as you don't use the "or" operator.  :)

>  If it can be used just
>without 2.5 language features, that would certainly be an improvement
>over not being usable at all.

It's not 2.5 language features at issue, as those won't be supported 
anyway.  It's the fact that certain grammar productions changed in a way 
that's not backward compatible with ast_builder.  See here for a kludgy, 
untested, possible workaround:


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