[PEAK] How many people *using* PEAK?

Simon Belak simon.belak at hruska.si
Tue May 23 15:49:45 EDT 2006

We at Hruska [1] use it (parts of) pretty much everywhere, from web 
applications (via TurboPeakSecurity [2]) to content distribution system 
for a major mobile provider.


[1] http://www.hruska.si (in Slovene only unfortunatelly)
[2] http://trac.toscat.net/TurboPeakSecurity/

Giles Brown wrote:
> At work we're looking at PEAK as a foundation for a possible plug-in 
> based application.
> I've started trying to get my head around peak and have been struggling 
> with the not having
> any sizeable examples.
> I'm wondering how many people on the mailing list are using it day-in 
> day-out?
> Are people mostly dabbling or actually using it for real stuff?  (Hope 
> this doesn't sound
> cheeky, I'm just finding it hard to judge and I have looked at lots of 
> web articles,
> scanned the mailling list articles and mr eby's blog, etc).
> And if anybody can point me to some good examples of how to use PEAK to
> configure plug-ins for a GUI (pyqt) app then that'd be lovely too :)
> Cheers,
> Giles
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