[PEAK] RuleDispatch not on Cheeseshop?

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Fri Mar 3 12:44:46 EST 2006

Jay Parlar wrote:
> Sorry, I must not be making myself clear. Yes, dependency information
> is there in setup.py. The thing is, those dependencies are usually in
> the form of Require("SomePackage"), right? (I know, I probably got the
> syntax wrong).
> My whole point, is that packages can go up onto Cheeseshop, and list a
> whole bunch of dependencies. But then those dependencies themselves
> are not available on Cheeseshop (or explicitly listen in the setup
> info), and the install breaks. Is that something that is considered
> "ok"? I would think no.

If they are listed in setup.cfg, it doesn't work.  Which is a problem. 
If you include links to the dependencies in your description, it can 
work.  I have done this before; a little hacky but not so bad.

It certainly would be easier if a project could list URLs for its 
dependencies, so that those dependencies didn't have to be findable by 

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