[PEAK] Dispatching without generic functions.

Gabriel Jägenstedt gabriel.j at telia.com
Tue Jul 25 06:33:16 EDT 2006


I have a situation where I am trying to figure out how one would add
dispatches on a dispatch.generic function. Using the regular @drink.when
 and such proves easy enough and I thing I understand how to utilize the
befores and afters.

In a system built around components it might not be possible to use
generic functions since the target method that needs the functionality
may well be changed in the game.

import dispatch

def drink(n):

@drink.when("n is 1")
def drink1(n):
    print 'You choose 1'

@drink.when("n is 2")
def drink2(n):
    print 'You choose 2'

def drink3(n):
    print 'You choose 3'

How would this last method be added to drink? The rule that should be
passed can easily be stored in a dictionary or list or tuple or whatever
but I don't know how to make it work.
What I am trying to do may well be an ugly hack but I feel that it is
either that or I scratch the idea of using dispatch all together since
it won't be flexible at all in a component driven system if you can't do
something like it.


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