[PEAK] How to build w/ GCC 4+Python 2.6

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Dec 26 22:49:55 EST 2006

At 01:57 PM 12/27/2006 +1030, David Gowers wrote:
>(using gcc 4.0.3 and python 2.6a0 (SVN))

Note that I don't even support Python 2.5 yet, so 2.6 is right out.  :)

>It sounds like that is the source of the problem.  In fact, running pyrexc 
>over each .pyx file to regenerate the .c allows PEAK to finish building OK.

Yeah, you'll need a newer Pyrex, as you discovered.

>Looks like it doesn't cope well with overwriting an existing package of 
>the same name; As soon as I remove 
>PEAK-0.5a4.dev_r2248-py2.6-linux-i686.egg, the install goes OK -- in 
>short, the bug can be triggered by simply running 'sudo ./setup.py 
>install' twice in a row.

That's a known, and as far as I know, fixed bug in setuptools.  However it 
might only be fixed in the SVN trunk; I'm not sure right off the top of my 
head.  You might check whether you have the latest released setuptools.

>Ditto when I had to reinstall RuleDispatch because it tries to define a 
>function named 'as', which is a keyword in python 2.6.
>ick.. there are a few more problems which show up when trying to import 
>various parts of PEAK:
>peak/binding/components.py: 844 uses the 'as' (sic) method from RuleDispatch
>peak/util/graph.py:13 uses <http://dispatch.as>dispatch.as
>peak/running/commands.py:724 uses <http://dispatch.as>dispatch.as
>after adjusting those, everything is happy.

You can replace the use of dispatch.as() with simple @ signs, as you've 
probably noticed.  However, Python 2.3 is still "enterprise" Python as far 
as quite a lot of enterprises are concerned, as it's still what comes with 
most Linux distros.  More progressive enterprises might be on 2.4 at this 
point, but 2.3 and 2.4 are basically what the PEAK family of packages is 
currently aimed to support.

Unfortunately, my current circumstances don't provide financial support or 
free time for a lot of work on PEAK these days, so there's not a lot of 
time that I can devote to this, but if you have specific questions I'll do 
my best to provide answers.

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