[PEAK] Exceptions in lazy imported module not reported

Vinj Vinj vinjvinj at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 23 11:23:00 EST 2006

Sometimes, I get the following exception. 

line 199, in __getattribute__
line 178, in _loadModule
line 236, in _loadAndRunHooks
ImportError: No module named PriceDB

This is usually caused by an exception which is raised
in PriceDB (in the csae above) but the error that gets
reported by the Lazy Importing modile is: "No module
named PriceDB"

I use Lazy Importing extensively and most of my
modules are loaded through it. The startup time of my
app has come down significantly. However, since I'm
running a distributed app where multiple services get
run on different servers, when I get this error, it is
hard to debug. 

Is there any way that this error can get reported. 

Nice to have feature:
The autocomplete functionality does not work with
IDE's like WINGIDE when you lazy import. It would be
nice to have a script (which given a list of modules)
will replace all occurances of those modules with Lazy
Import loads or replace them back with regular loads. 




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