[PEAK] Question about eggs

Matt Feifarek matt.feifarek at gmail.com
Tue Aug 29 17:21:31 EDT 2006

I've recently started using some python libraries that use eggs (Pylons,
Paste, WSGI, etc.) They and setuptools seem like an elegant solution. Kudos.

I'm having trouble with the libraries installed via egg, and I have stumped
the Pylons list and the WingIDE list. I seem to have run up against a
problem with the 'trick' that easy_setup does to sys.path:

My IDE has features to inspect python source code, which is a great boon
when learning to use new libraries. Unfortunately, WingIDE can't handle egg
files/directories for this feature.

SO, I'd like to plain-old "install" these libraries on sys.path, but doing
so seems to confound the dependency checking parts of easy_install, and it
goes and installs these libraries again. It also seems to confound
paste/paster, which is probably using the require() syntax, and failing to
find version metadata without the egg metadata.

Ian Bicking suggested using this flag:
    easy_install --single-version-externally-managed
But I see that it no longer exists in easy_install.

I've pored over the docs and tried various switches to the easy_install
command, but can't figure it out. I can't install these libraries in
"development mode" as they do not come with setup.py modules. Can I simply
symlink the actual library directory (within the egg directory) to
sys.pathwithout wrecking my python installation?

Any other advice? Thanks.
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