[PEAK] Any chance/timeline for a public release of PEAK incl. doc?

Wolfgang Keller wolfgang.keller.nospam at gmx.de
Mon Oct 17 10:10:21 EDT 2005


I've  been  following  the mailinglist for some time, read through the
archives  and  every  bit of documentation that I could find elsewhere
and  it seems to me that PEAK is essentially what Python would need to
get   more  acceptance  for  "serious"  (especially  non-web  related)
applications.  And  to  make  Python  (even)  more productive for such

But  as  far  as  I  understand,  Peak  is  essentially              a
one-developer-endeavour  and  as such it has little chance to ever get
to  the  point  of  being  "stable"  -  not  to  mention "complete" or
"finished"  - and "documented". At least to the point that someone who
wants to use it does no longer have to constantly re-engineer it - and
its  permanent  changes  -  from  the sourcecode. Which is essentially
impossible  anyway  for  probably most Python scripters (such like me)
due to lack of skills.

Is  there  any chance that this will change in the foreseeable future?
I.e.  that  there will be more developers and documentors available in
order to make Peak somewhat more "end-developer"-proof?



WOlfgang Keller

P.S.: My From-address is correct

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