[PEAK] convenience methods to setup.py

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sat Oct 1 00:51:14 EDT 2005

At 09:38 PM 9/30/2005 -0400, michael bayer wrote:
>Might it be possible to have setup.py/setuptools.setup() itself
>support the "-D" option directly, without the need to run a separate
>program, to have it as an option to the setup() call itself, or to
>have it prompt the user with a friendly "Remove old version
>'myghty' [Y/n]" type of thing ?  all towards the goal of having an as- 
>seamless-as-possible first impression with a new release.

Try putting this in your setup.cfg:

delete_conflicting = 1

And see if that does the trick when you run "setup.py install".

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