[PEAK] problems with peak.web

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Mar 24 22:15:38 EST 2005

At 09:08 PM 03/23/2005 -0100, Tiago Cogumbreiro wrote:
>Hello again list,
>I've tried running the 'trivial_web' example against Peak 0.5a3 and it
>didn't work, this is the error message:

0.5a3 is no longer supported; I really ought to remove the build.  Ideally, 
we should start doing nightly .egg builds for Windows and Linux, and maybe 
someone with a Mac can volunteer to do builds for OS X.

>Why is it that I needed to install zope-libs to have the cgi working?
>Will I have to do this when I need to deploy a peak product? Is there
>a way to change the CGI "engine"?

You don't need the Zope libraries with the current version of PEAK; 
peak.web in CVS is 100% independent of Zope.

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