[PEAK] Enumeration instances --> values

Erik Rose psucorp at grinchcentral.com
Sun Mar 20 16:58:01 EST 2005

I'm evaluating PEAK's domain modeling machinery for a project at work 
and have run into a question that's got me stumped. I have this 

class HatColor(Enumeration):
     red = model.enum('REDX')
     vermillion = model.enum('VERM')

I also have a model that uses it and a mostly-finished toy DM that will 
pull that model in and out of an RDBMS. My trouble is that I want to 
store the four-letter codes 'REDX' and 'VERM' in the DB but can't find 
a way to map from HatColor.red back to 'REDX'. The bulletins example 
punts and just shoves the string 'HatColor.red' in the DB, which I'd 
obviously rather not do. Do I have to build my own machinery for this, 
or will the stock framework somehow let me map Enumeration instances 
(like HatColor.red) back to values? (I do realize that the main intent 
of passing values to enum() is to enable compares between values and 
instances, but mapping from instances to values sure would be nice as 

Best regards,
Erik Rose
Code Jockey
Pennsylvania State University

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