[PEAK] Interfacing Peak with Twisted

Tiago Cogumbreiro cogumbreiro at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 12:51:27 EST 2005

On Fri, 04 Mar 2005 08:41:46 -0500, Phillip J. Eby
<pje at telecommunity.com> wrote:
> At 08:58 AM 3/4/05 -0100, Tiago Cogumbreiro wrote:
> >I wanted to test the Peak framework and interface it with Twisted. One
> >problem I had was that the wiki page[1] @ devcenter has a file for
> >download with 0 byte length. There might be something wrong with it.
> >Does someone have it so I can have a glance?
> It seems to have gotten lost along the way, deleted by a Wiki spammer who
> was trying to hack the website.  :(
What a shame :(

> You might have a look at:
>    http://peakplace.tigris.org/source/browse/peakplace/src/junction/
> which was a work-in-progress by John Landahl that's basically a
> Twisted/PEAK messaging server.  It's not nearly as simple as an example, of
> course.
What does it exactly do?

> In short, you have probably picked the two most complicated things
> imaginable for your first project, because just integrating ZODB and
> Twisted in the same application seems complex, let alone adding another
> layer (PEAK) in between them. 

> If your goal is an XML-RPC and/or web
> front-end, may I suggest you first try peak.web? 
My goal is to designed an application with a big enfasis in storing
information. However it must have a web based interface and provide
webservices for a desktop client.

Peak seems to be the most advanced framework in academic terms, it has
a very interesting concept behind it and a very clean implementation.
Yet it provides a number of technologies that I've never used before:
ini files for configuration of your components, the way of starting
your server (something about AbstractCommand). I've already understood
(in theory) the concept behind adpative programming and component
based programming but making the transition from that to an actual
example is a really big step because of the lack of documentation.
Where can I learn about these details?

However twisted already provides a vast array of types of servers and
a simple framework to do it. So this is why I've chosen to use twisted
in the connectivity part and peak in the logic part.

> peak.web is runnable with
> WSGI, which means it's runnable within Twisted, albeit only in a
> single-threaded manner at the moment.
What is WSGI?

Is PyProtocol used in Peak too? I've already installed Peak, I don't
need to install PyProtocols too, right?

Tiago Cogumbreiro <cogumbreiro at users.sf.net>


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