[PEAK] Templates with layout

Radek Kanovsky rk at dat.cz
Tue Jun 7 03:39:18 EDT 2005

On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 12:02:58PM -0400, Phillip J. Eby wrote:

> Hi Radek.  I'm unable to reproduce this behavior.  I just checked in a new 
> test that does this using the HTML straight from your examples above.  See 
> peak.web.tests.test_resources.IntegrationTests.testLayout.  Can you tell me 
> more about how to reproduce this behavior?  The system already has code 
> that should make layouts work the way you want them to, so I'm surprised 
> that you're having a problem.
> Could it be that you are not rendering the top-level page via handle_http, 
> but instead are using a manually-created start context and renderFor()?

Sorry for confusion. I saw error clearly in sources but there were not
any there. My configuration had modifications in pwt-schema.ini that
I didn't notice.

Thanks to work on this problem, things are more clear for me.
Especially parameter wrapping in templates.Replace with DOMletMethod.
It does what I think it doesn't :-)


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