[PEAK] dispatch.strategy.dispatch_by_subclass bug

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Fri Jan 28 11:29:04 EST 2005

At 04:25 PM 1/28/05 +0100, Radek Kanovsky wrote:
>I have checked implementation against my draft and they are the same
>except one extra line in dispatch_by_subclass() in PEAK src.
>If problematic line is removed, everything works as expected.

Hm.  Looks like an artifact of the way I was doing TDD to recreate the 
code.  That is one problem with TDD; you have to make sure you've created 
tests for everything.  Ironically, I think my number of bugs in 
freshly-written code has gone up significantly since I've started writing 
tests first, because I'm a better general thinker than I am a specific 
thinker.  On the other hand, those bugs have tended to be just as shallow 
as the typo bugs I used to create before.  Ah well.

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