[PEAK] Sitemap driven error handling

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Jan 27 10:51:04 EST 2005

At 08:58 AM 1/27/05 +0100, Radek Kanovsky wrote:

>This is proof of concept that works with my simple setup. It would be
>better to introduce some new tag. '<content ...>' is overloaded here,
>view name is constant and only one handler per exception make sense.
>     <except type='web.Unauthorized' function='redirectToLoginPage'/>
>as equivalent of:
>     <content type='web.Unauthorized'>
>         <view name='handle_error' function='redirectToLoginPage'/>
>     </content>

It's a nice idea; I may not want to incorporate it into the current 
version, though, as the error handling will become a generic function at 
some point and thus the registration mechanism for it might be quite 
different than for a view.  It will, however, support handling 
non-IWebException errors in any event.

In the meantime, I would use a view name like 'peak.web.error_handler', 
though, to indicate its special nature.

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