[PEAK] py2exe?

alexander smishlajev alex at ank-sia.com
Thu Dec 15 02:39:18 EST 2005

John Fouhy wrote, at 15.12.2005 3:35:
> Thanks for your reply.  Can I ask some questions about your code?

yes, you can.  but that's not my code.  it was written by Yaroslav 
Samchuk.  Yaroslav should be on this list too.

>>     class py2exe_build(build_exe):
> Does this follow the pattern from this page? -
> http://starship.python.net/crew/theller/moin.cgi/SubclassingPy2Exe

i'm not sure i understand what are you talking about.  yes, we subclass 
distutils commands, but i didn't know that subclassing is a "pattern" 
and that it is specific to py2exe.

>>filename = config.packageFile(dir.replace("/", "."), filename).filename
> What is config?

config is PEAK module.

>>_copy_ini_files(self, self.collect_dir, ini_files)
> ini_files - is that a list you specified yourself?
> (like "ini_files = ['c:/foo/peak.ini']" ?)

yes.  like [
     ("peak", ["peak.ini"]),
     ("peak/web", [
         "pwt-schema.ini", "resource_defaults.ini", "sitemap-schema.ini",
     ("peak/ddt", ["resource_defaults.ini"]),

merry christmas,

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