[PEAK] dispatch -- chaining decorators

Simon Belak simon.belak at hruska.si
Fri Dec 9 14:31:42 EST 2005


I have a decorator I would like to use along-side generic functions but 
I am having some trouble getting it to play along:

def unpickle(arg_name):
	def __entangle(func):
		pickle_pos = list(func.func_code.co_varnames).index(arg_name)
		assert pickle_pos < func.func_code.co_argcount
		def __func(*args, **kwargs):
			return func(*args[:pickle_pos] + (load(args[pickle_pos]),)
						+ args[pickle_pos+1:], **kwargs)
		return __func
	return __entangle

When I apply this decorator on an "around" function:

def unpickle_form(next_method, form, context):
	next_method(form, context)

one of two things happen depending on order in which decorators were 
applied. Either  argument position gets wrongly calculated (around, 
unpickle) or my decorator does not get called at all (unpickle, around).

I am guessing that in the first case next_method the causing me 
troubles, but what about the second case? Any good wraparounds?

On a not-so-related note, can generic functions be overused? I am 
currently writing a framework and just realised that nearly all exposed 
functions have become generic. To me it seems that this allows perfect 
flexibility and modularity as the user can plug in his code almost 
anywhere. But still I cannot completely silent a voice in the back of my 
mind screaming "Danger of cool things!".



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