[PEAK] How to make components and offerOs(ISomeInterface) at runtime

Sigve Tjora public at tjora.no
Thu Sep 9 02:16:41 EDT 2004

Hi everyone!

I would like to add Component-children to a component at runtime, as well as 
advertise those components to other children under certain Interfaces or 
configuration paths. How do I do this?

I am not certain that it is this I want to do in the first place. I am making a 
processing pipeline that is going to be configured by a gui. I want the 
processing steps to acquire their configuration by a 
binding.Obtain(IMyConfiguration) property, but for this to work I think I need 
to make and advertise the configuration objects at runtime. Of course I could 
set up the processing steps by calling a setup method on each step, but somehow 
I find getting the information needed by bindings more .clean.. Is there a 
better way?

Best regards, Sigve Tjora

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