[PEAK] Packaging peak apps

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Wed Sep 8 17:48:55 EDT 2004

At 11:27 AM 9/8/04 -0400, Phillip J. Eby wrote:
>At 09:25 AM 9/8/04 +0200, Roché Compaan wrote:
>>Traceback (most recent call last):
>>   File "run.py", line 2, in ?
>>   File "peak\running\commands.pyc", line 4, in ?
>>   File "peak\running\interfaces.pyc", line 3, in ?
>>ImportError: No module named interfaces
>>I'm not so sure it is just due to a bug in reload. py2exe puts everything 
>>in library.zip and sets sys.path to library.zip. So I thought I could 
>>fool it and unzip the content of library.zip to a directory named 
>>library.zip and it looks like it worked - my script runs. But, it still 
>>fails with the above error.
>Is there a peak\binding\interfaces.pyc in your library.zip directory?  If 
>not, then the front-end packaging mechanism for py2exe isn't detecting 
>that it's needed.

Oh, and another tidbit...  PEAK's 'fileNearModule' stuff (like peak.ini, 
for starters!) isn't going to like being in a zip file.

Right now I'm reviewing PEP 302 and PEAK's usage of import tricks to 
ascertain whether there are any other issues involved in e.g. running PEAK 
from a zip file. In particular, I'm going to have to see if the 
'fileNearModule' stuff can be replaced with something that uses PEP 302's 
'__loader__.get_data()' approach to reading data files.

Unfortunately, none of these fixes are likely to come quickly enough to 
help you with your immediate problem.  :(

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