[PEAK] dispatch.strategy.ProtocolTest bug

Radek Kanovsky rk at dat.cz
Mon Nov 22 12:27:05 EST 2004

There is problem with ProtocolTest if declaration order is as follows:

    from peak.core import *

    class Iface1 (protocols.Interface) : pass
    class Iface2 (protocols.Interface) : pass

    def gm (a) : pass

    [gm.when("a in Iface1")]
    def gm1 (a) : return "gm1"

    [gm.when("a in Iface2")]
    def gm2 (a) : return "gm2"

    class Impl1 : protocols.advise(instancesProvide=[Iface1])
    class Impl2 : protocols.advise(instancesProvide=[Iface2])

    print gm(Impl1())
    print gm(Impl2())

'gm(Impl1())' statement raises 'AmbiguousMethod' exception.
If declaration of class 'ImplX' is moved before `a in IfaceX'
predicate occurence, generic function returns expected results.


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