[PEAK] sitemap, specialist, and permissionNeeded (I presume)

R. David Murray rdmurray at bitdance.com
Mon Nov 1 19:16:01 EST 2004

I have to run off to a meeting, so I have to stop experimenting
now.  I'm hoping there will magically be an answer when I get back
(grin), but will keep experimenting if there isn't.  I've googled
and grepped and I can't figure this out, so far.

I have a sitemap:

<location id="root">
    <view name="index_html" resource="fcgbilling.www/hello" />
    <import module="fcgbilling" />
    <container object="fcgbilling.storage.AccountDM()" />
    <content type="fcgbilling.model.Account">
        <allow attributes="__get__" />
        <view name="index_html" resource="fcgbilling.www/account" />

which is a bit hacked because I've been experimenting and don't
fully understand what the directives do, but anyway...when I run
this and try to access a member served by AccountDM, I get:

   NotAllowed('10', 'Permission denied')

Which is perfectly sensible.  But I can't figure out how
to set the permission so that it can be accessed.  My goal
here is to let anyone view the Accounts (security, for now,
is via physical access to the internal network).

I'm sure the answer is simple, but just setting
permissionNeeded = security.Anybody on my Account model
class and/or AccountDM class doesn't seem to be it....


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