[PEAK] The road to PyProtocols 1.0

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sun May 30 01:43:15 EDT 2004

* Raise 'AdaptationFailure' instead of 
'NotImplementedError'.  'AdaptationFailure' should subclass 
'NotImplementedError' and 'TypeError'.

* Check if anybody's using the 'factory' argument to 'adapt()', and if not, 
get rid of it.

* If 'factory' isn't used anywhere, consider ditching the second parameter 
passed to adapters.  That is, instead of calling 'someadapter(ob,proto)', 
just call 'someadapter(ob)'.  This would give PyProtocols adapters the same 
calling signature as e.g. Zope adapters.

* Release 0.9.3, after testing against the latest Zope X3 and updating docs 
to reflect what version of Zope X3 is supported/tested.

* Produce an updated version of PEP 246

Anything else?  Comments or questions, anyone?

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