[PEAK] Survey: PEAK community site

John Landahl john at landahl.org
Wed Jun 30 22:30:36 EDT 2004

Just a quick survey for the PEAK community: is there any interest in having a 
Plone or Plone-like site for PEAK?

Personally I think it might foster more community involvement and would result 
in a more dynamic site.  People write submit short articles, code samples, 
case studies, etc. in their own area and submit them for inclusion on the 
front page when ready.  In the meantime others can review the work and offer 
suggestions, and after publishing the author can still make updates or 
corrections.  With author attribution and timestamps, readers can more easily 
determine the usefulness of any particular document (this is a big problem 
with the wiki approach in my opinion).  Content could also be cataloged 
automatically through Plone's keyword system, e.g. by conceptual area 
(storage, modeling, binding, etc.) and/or content theme (tutorial, code 
examples, case studies, etc.).  Wiki functionality (which is great for docs 
like user manuals) could still be maintained through Zwiki, which integrates 
well with Plone.

As a followup question: should such a site be developed independently by PEAK 
community members, or would it be better to have these features as part of 
PEAK's official home page?

The reason I ask is that I'd like to start contributing more documentation 
(though mostly as shorter, targeted articles at first) as well as help 
coordinate input from other community members.  I think Plone would be a 
great tool for the job, but I'd also like to hear what everyone else thinks.

- John

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