[PEAK] adapt based on inheritance

Stephen Haberman stephenh at chase3000.com
Wed Jun 9 23:04:32 EDT 2004

> What you want is 'declareAdapter(adapterfactory, provides=[IWhatever], 
> forObjects=[feature]).  That is, you want to declare adapters for the 
> specific object(s), not their classes.  Inheritance will then do what 
> you want here.

Well isn't that pretty cool. I was stuck in the box of "an object is
something I do o = Class()" and couldn't see a feature of
class(model.Attribute) is an object all the same.

> Keep in mind, however, that the use of Collection as a base class for 
> multi-valued features is quite optional.  Inheriting from Attribute 
> and setting the upperBound to a number greater than 1 suffices to make 
> the feature multi-valued, and this approach is used in e.g. code 
> generated by the 'mof2py' script.

Hm, good point, I hadn't thought of that. I think I'll ignore that as a
boundary case for now.


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