[PEAK] ZConfig and peak naming

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Jul 29 17:22:44 EDT 2004

At 10:38 PM 7/29/04 +0200, Roché Compaan wrote:
>I need a key in ZConfig file that needs to set a file object as
>attribute on a subclass of binding.Component *and* values should be
>specifiable as peak urls.
>     <process>
>         file pkgfile:jack/somefile.txt
>         ...
>     </process>
>The above configuration, must set 'file' in:
>     class Process(binding.Component):
>         file = binding.Make(lambda:None)
>if 'file' is defined as key in my schema file:
>     <sectiontype name="process" datatype=".Process.fromZConfig">
>         <key name="file" datatype="some.peak.component.fromZConfig"
>             attribute="file"/>
>         ...
>     </sectiontype>
>Is there a peak component that can do this for me, or do I have to write

Do something like this:

     class Process(binding.Component):
         fileURL = binding.Require("URL needed", adaptTo=naming.IStreamFactory)
         file = binding.Obtain(naming.Indirect('fileURL'))

And make the 'attribute' for 'file' be 'fileURL' instead.

'naming.Indirect("some_name")' translates to, "use the object you find at 
'some_name' as a name to look up".

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