[PEAK] A ridiculously simple mapping layer

Roché Compaan roche at upfrontsystems.co.za
Wed Jul 28 04:12:13 EDT 2004

Phillip J. Eby wrote:
> Duh.  D'oh!  So simple, yet 100% modular and reusible/extensible.  We 
> define our domain model as a module, or set of modules.  We define a 
> physical schema as a class.  Descriptors on the schema map from the 
> "pure" domain class to an implementation-specific subclass.  That is, in 
> the example above, 'ws.Customer' and 'ws.Invoice' do not return either 
> the original class in 'mymodel', but rather a *subclass*, that knows it 
> is part of that workspace. 

Since you're onto the implementation details in a subsequent post I can 
now ask a question about the implementation that I don't see clearly. 
Specifically, where do I define the *subclass* and where will the 
descriptor look for it? Or must I code the descriptor?

> The subclass is just the original class plus:
>   1) a mixin (e.g. 'RelationalMixin', 'LDAPMixin', etc.) that defines 
> the mapping process
>   2) some metadata to drive the mapping (table name, field names, 
> converters)
>   3) classmethods such as 'find', 'get', and 'delete'
>   4) overrides of domain-specific instance or class methods where 
> necessary for performance or to handle unusual mapping requirements

If you show 'RelationalMixin' in a class definition and how that 
*subclass* is used, I'm sure I'll understand where you're going.

Roché Compaan
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