[PEAK] Eclipse for Python/PEAK development

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Mon Jul 26 15:36:02 EDT 2004

At 05:17 PM 7/25/04 -0700, John Landahl wrote:

>JIRA (http://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/) is great for this kind of
>thing, and it's free for use with open source projects.  It's something like
>a combined to-do list and issue tracker which keeps items organized by
>project, component, and release.  Its metrics and reporting features are
>quite good, and it has a very user friendly web interface (one of the most
>functional web interaces I've seen, in fact).

It's not bad looking.  But I think that if I do set up any sort of 
web-based tracker of this sort, it would likely be Roundup, which is 
written in Python and very customizable in terms of data model.  Also, 
Roundup would appear to have smarter e-mail handling than JIRA, and as you 
may have noticed, I like to use e-mail to create and describe issues.  :)

However, for the moment, I'm the only person actively developing PEAK 
itself, so it seems wasteful for me at this point to set up a public 
tracker.  For the moment, I'm reusing an Ecco-based tracker I'd set up last 
year when I was last doing heavy PEAK development.  Since it's client-side, 
I can easily move things around and type in new items.  By comparison, 
entering my little one-line to-do items into a web form seems like running 
in mud: it's messy, noisy, and slow.  :)

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