[PEAK] Re: Proposal for another Wiki "tutorial"

Doug Quale quale1 at charter.net
Fri Jul 16 21:39:17 EDT 2004

John Landahl <john at landahl.org> writes:

> This is a great example of what Martin Fowler calls the Transaction Script 
> architectural pattern.  (If you haven't read his _Patterns of Enterprise 
> Application Architecture_, I highly recommend it.  I've found it 
> indispensable for understanding a number of important application design 
> concepts, each of which have been boiled down into named patterns for easier 
> communication.)

Is there any interest in describing how parts of PEAK relate to the
patterns Fowler describes in
_Patterns_of_Enterprise_Application_Architecture_ on the devcenter
wiki?  There is a start to this as Fowler's book is mentioned on the
wiki, but a more explicit statement of how various parts of PEAK fit
into the patterns he describes would really be helpful.  For example,
PEAK Data Managers seem to correspond most closely to the data source
architectural pattern that Fowler calls Data Mapper.  (If this is
correct, the fact that the initials match is a happy circumstance.)

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