[PEAK] Re: Proposal for another Wiki "tutorial"

Paul Moore pf_moore at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 16 05:15:50 EDT 2004

Phillip J. Eby <pje at ...> writes:

> Based on the above, and the fact that my mental model was way off from what 
> you are trying to do, I'll withdraw my design suggestions and replace them 
> with an editorial suggestion.  :)

Your design suggestions were very useful. They have given me some substantial 
food for thought, and I can pretty much guarantee that some of them will 
reappear in what I end up with...

I tried to skip too much explanation, hoping that it was irrelevant. As usual, 
it wasn't :-)

> I'd like to suggest that you not try to turn this into a "tutorial" as 
> such.  Instead,  simply blog the refactoring of your existing app, and just 
> treat it as an example of refactoring an existing application to use PEAK.

That's a very good idea. I hadn't thought of that approach, and it certainly 
fits better with how I'm working. I'll shuffle the Wiki pages I made round to 
reflect this. (I assume it's still appropriate to put this on the Wiki?)

> Third, there aren't any tutorials of this sort available currently, so it 
> will offer another perspective, one that may be helpful to others who are 
> seeking to do similar refactorings.

I hope so.

> And last, but not least, if I offer any future design suggestions I'll do
> so knowing what your actual use cases and situation are, which means my
> suggestions will be more likely to be relevant and helpful.  :)

Your suggestions are always useful and thought-provoking. Thanks for taking the 
time to make them.


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