[PEAK] Persistence styles, MDA, AOP, PyProtocols, and PEAK

Stephen Waterbury golux at comcast.net
Wed Jul 7 20:15:08 EDT 2004

Phillip J. Eby wrote:
> At 04:21 PM 7/7/04 -0400, Stephen Waterbury wrote:
>> I think it is the "simplest possible thing that works"
>> (in some sense of "works" ;) for my app, and in keeping it as
>> simple as possible, I'm hoping that conversion to the more
>> sophisticated PEAK architecture won't be too difficult
>> at some point in the future.
> Dunno about that, exactly.  I don't expect to have extensible instances 
> at a base level, although obviously you can always "go meta" one level 
> to do such things.

Right.  Not sure if it will migrate exactly ... might have to
augment (or reinvent some parts of) PEAK when I get around to

> However, the basic concept doesn't sound too different from peak.model 
> as it sits today, except that we use classes to represent classes.  :)

Yes, that was my perception.  I'm more comfortable modifying
instances at runtime than classes, so I prefer to use (OntoClass)
instances to specify (and make extensible) the persistable
attributes of classes at runtime.  Just a matter of taste, I guess.


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