[PEAK] peak web

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Fri Jan 30 15:27:15 EST 2004

At 11:39 AM 1/30/04 -0600, darryl wrote:
>Ty Sarna wrote:
>>>In light of the recent peak-webware thread i took a quick look at peak 
>>>web. Am i correct in understanding that peak.web is CGI only. i.e. no server?
>>No, there is FastCGI support, either "simple" or with a sophisticated
>>preforking multiprocess FastCGI supervisor system.  We use this in
>>production fronted by Apache, and it's pretty nifty. This itself has a
>>couple different modes...
>Ok, so as i understand it FastCGI support means that performance is not so 
>much an issue.

FastCGI is basically a webserver-to-app communications protocol, similar to 
the many such schemes created for various other application frameworks.  We 
chose from the beginning (~1996) to use FastCGI because it was an open 
standard with active development from multiple sources such as Digital 
Creations (now Zope Corp.), who wrote the Python 'fcgiapp' module that we 
use and distribute with PEAK to this day.

There's still a mod_fastcgi that's alive and relatively well, although we 
recently built the PEAK 'supervise' tool to replace the built-in process 
manager of mod_fastcgi.

>I guess the other thing that came to mind whilst poking around is that i 
>'m not aware of any examples of peak.web that use peak.web.templates

Yes, that definitely needs to be fixed, but until the other TODO items are 
taken care of, peak.web isn't yet ready for the faint of heart 
anyway.  :)  In other words, there are too many things that would be "roll 
your own" right now for examples to help much.

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