[PEAK] peak web

Ty Sarna tsarna at sarna.org
Fri Jan 30 11:18:58 EST 2004

> In light of the recent peak-webware thread i took a quick look at peak 
> web. Am i correct in understanding that peak.web is CGI only. i.e. no 
> server?

No, there is FastCGI support, either "simple" or with a sophisticated
preforking multiprocess FastCGI supervisor system.  We use this in
production fronted by Apache, and it's pretty nifty. This itself has a
couple different modes...

There is also some just-added support for HTTP servers based on
SimpleHTTPServer. Not something you'd want to use for high-volume
production, but it demonstrates building servers for
running.IRerunnableCGI applications.

Eventually with peak.events and some peak.events support in peak.net, it
would be possible to build a full multiprotocol ZServer-like thing,
though personally I'm fond of the Apache-fronted approach, because it
gives you lots of options for things like SSL, serving additional static
content easily, running multiple apps of different kinds, using
mod_backhand for load balancing, etc. 

So, there are lots of choices besides plain CGI.

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