[PEAK] EventDriven, ITwistedReactor, and AdaptiveTask daemons

John Landahl john at landahl.org
Mon Jan 5 19:10:34 EST 2004

The following chain of events seems to make it impossible to use the 
Twisted reactor alongside AdaptiveTask-based daemons in an 
EventDriven-based PEAK app: AdaptiveTask has an assembly event 
(__addToQueue) which calls TaskQueue.addTask(), which calls 
TaskQueue._scheduleProcessing(), which accesses its 'reactor' property, 
which will get an IBasicReactor by default.

My application runs from within a subclass of EventDriven which has an 
assembly event that sets up an ITwistedReactor and offers it as 
IBasicReactor.  AdaptiveTask.__addToQueue seems to get called before my 
EventDriven subclass's assembly event, resulting in IBasicReactor being 
used before the Twisted reactor can be setup.  This of course means that 
the attempt to create the Twisted reactor will cause an error when it 
actually does run.

Is this the right way to go about things and something needs to be fixed, 
or is there a better way to install a Twisted reactor in an EventDriven 

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