[PEAK] peak logs

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Fri Jan 2 19:33:17 EST 2004

At 09:36 AM 1/2/04 -0800, darryl wrote:

>>>Now everything works.....
>>I don't see how, since you have jabber.logger being looked up by 
>>logger.jabber...  But maybe that's a typo in your email.
>Yup a typo. Sorry. ( i have to figure out how to cut and paste with putty)
>>I do suggest sticking with the 'logger:bots.jabber' format, though, as it 
>>will offer considerable advantage in the future vs. simply putting a 
>>logger in a property.  It will be possible to create logger plugins, 
>>whereby multiple things can happen as a result of sending things to a 
>>single logger.  Today, you can only have one object that does things as a 
>>result of logging a message.
>Fair enough. I was just happy to get my logging back :)
>Mayhap you can review IntroToPeak/ChapterFive and make sure that reflects 
>"the right way"

In my copious spare time, no doubt.  :)

Seriously, among the things on my "free time" backlog:

* Testing Python 2.4 Windows to make sure that you can still build 
extensions for it using mingw

* Updating my pre-PEP on a web gateway interface standard

* Reviewing/updating IntroToPeak chapters 3-5

* Finishing the stuff that'll be covered in chapter 5 (i.e., stabilizing 

One of the reasons I'm working on peak.events ATM is that both the logging 
and performance timers are probably going to use the "event source" and 
"subscription" concepts from peak.events.

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