[PEAK] Towards a GUI facility for PEAK

Niki Spahiev niki at vintech.bg
Wed Dec 8 05:31:42 EST 2004

Phillip J. Eby wrote:

> At 12:48 AM 12/5/04 -0500, Phillip J. Eby wrote:
>> Well, enough speculation for tonight.
> Okay, maybe just a little more...
> [...]

This is very interesting. It looks like documentation to UI system (not 
GUI because of ANSI terminal backend) that is basis for all products of 
our company (Vintech Ltd.) for past 10 years. We have started with 
character based (ANSI) backend and now have MFC, wxPython and ctypes 
too. ANSI and MFC backends have C++ and Python versions. Its possible to 
mix C++ and Python for model and backend.

class TransferContext:
     """Abstract view interface"""

     def Attach( self, cre, dd=None ):
         add field (if not dd)

         cre = ( type, name, x,y,w,h_max, text_label, style[, help] )
         type ::= 'label' | 'edit' | 'button' | 'checkbox' | ...
     def AttachFrame( self, cre, dd ):
         create new view

         cre = ( type, name, x,y,w,h_max, text_label, style[, help] )
         type ::= 'modal' | CommonDialog.XXX
     def Set( self, id, item ):
         """set data to be displayed in field"""
     def Get( self, id ):
         """get data from field"""
         return None
     def SetFlag( self, id, mask, on=1 ):
         """change bit properties of control"""
     def GetFlag( self, id ):
         """read bit properties of control"""
         return 0
     def GlobalEvent( self, evt ):
         """post app-global event"""
     def __setitem__( self, i, v ):
     def __getitem__( self, i ):
         return self.Get(i)

current incarnation of abstract view (TransferContext) can produce UI 
screens based on universal resource format (TransferContext.Attach), we 
found that this works great for prototyping, but for users toolkit 
specific design is required. Get/Set flag is compatible with C++ 
version, for python next version we plan something like configure() 
found in Tk and WCK. (IMHO WCK is great example, i started wxPython port 
if it and WCK looks very universal approach).

class ModelD:
     """document with user data"""

     def CreateFields( self, view ):
         """create using view.Attach"""
     def InitAll( self, view ):
         """populate all fields"""
     def Action( self, view, id, *arg ):
         """respond to buttons etc."""
     def Enter( self, view, ii ):
         """<user entered a field> notification"""
     def Leave( self, view, ii ):
         """<user leaved a field> notification"""

This interface is meant to be compatible with CGI, with but of 
javascript there can be Enter and Leave notifications too. All view 
parameters support TransferContext interface.

We have dummy TransferContext implementation for unit testing. Menus and 
interface Action are not well integrated, but follow your guidelines.

So your speculations look like mind reading to me :^)


Niki Spahiev

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