[PEAK] Including PySQLite in PEAK

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Dec 7 13:06:23 EST 2004

At 07:28 PM 12/7/04 +0200, Niki Spahiev wrote:
>Phillip J. Eby wrote:
>>>>However, I personally have only extremely limited experience with 
>>>>SQLite's actual performance and reliability in practice, so I would be 
>>>>very interested to hear from anyone who has more experience using it.
>>>FYI pysqlite is in transition between sqlite2 and sqlite3. There are 
>>>currently several incompatible versions.
>>So, are you saying that it would be a good idea for PEAK to bundle a 
>>specific version for stability, or that it would be bad because it might 
>>make it impossible for people to read their existing databases?
>pysqlite 1.0 uses sqlite2 which is dying.
>pysqlite 1.1 uses sqlite3 with same python API as 1.0
>pysqlite 2.0 will have better API using new features of sqlite3, but is 
>PEAK can start with 1.1 and upgrade to 2.0 later.

And 1.1 can read 1.0 files, yes?  As long as that's the case, then this 
sounds like the right way to go.

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