[PEAK] peak.events + twisted + wxPython?

Ulrich Eck ueck at net-labs.de
Sat Apr 24 16:07:06 EDT 2004

> In the first case you were doing synchronous db access,
> rather than using twisted's adbapi, correct?

datamanagers in general do syncrounous access to data.
i used it with peak/XMI-Loader (DM) and nll/IMAPFolder (DM)
in modelexplorer (nllsandbox/gui_components) to experiment
with my nllgui library.
> But also in the first case, you were not using the wxTimer
> method.  And the menus functioned okay?  The motivation
> for Uwe Schroeder to come up with that recipe for using
> twisted and wx together was that the menus and modal
> dialogs get stuck.

menus work well with nllgui, i haven't tried modal dialogs afaik.


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