[PEAK] peak.events + twisted + wxPython?

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Sat Apr 24 07:19:42 EDT 2004

> Has anyone experimented with that combination?
> In particular, I'm wondering whether the use of peak.events might
> circumvent the well-known antagonism between the twisted and
> wx event loops.

nllgui uses the twisted-eventloop with wxPython.

i tried 2 ways:

 - calling <wxApp>.Dispatch() from the reactor
   like wx_support of twisted

 - starting a wxTimer to call runUntilCurrent/doIteration
   on the twisted reactor

the first one worked better, but i didn't solve all problems
regarding responsiveness of gui while using sync calls e.g. 

the sources are at:


look at:
class wxApp/_runAsync|_onTimer

cheers Ulrich

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