[PEAK] subscribable/conditional lists

John Landahl john at landahl.org
Tue Apr 20 20:33:12 EDT 2004

Phillip J. Eby wrote:

> Anyway, the reason I said "dunno" is because I don't know what your 
> requirements are.  I would guess, however, that all the extra list 
> stuff you implemented probably isn't very useful for most 
> applications, and from what I can tell, some of its implementation is 
> broken, too.

Undoubtedly. :)  It was a quick hack, and I didn't fully understand the 
internals of the classes I was extending.

> I'd probably just redo your example as something like:

This is the type of behavior I was looking for.  I hadn't worked with 
events.Semaphore before.  Thanks for the tip.

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