[PEAK] PEAK and Twisted, revisited

ueck at net-labs.de ueck at net-labs.de
Fri Apr 16 18:49:12 EDT 2004

> Note, however, that if your server needs to operate in an async manner, you 
> will need both a service area pool and a thread pool.  The same might also 
> apply to your client software, if it needs to be asynchronous as well.

will peak.query coop async operation, i.e. yields results ?

are there plans to make the other frameworks usable with peak.events:
- naming (lookup)
- web (DOMlet.renderFor, ...)
- storage (yielding Elements based on query-results)

i think if one make a desicion towards async operations it's
a fairly strong commitment. so most of the parts of peak are
likely to be used with peak.events and should give other
tasks a chance to process.

just my 2 cent

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