[PEAK] imputil & LazyModule

alexander smishlajev alex at tycobka.lv
Sat Nov 22 14:24:36 EST 2003


a week ago, Phillip told me that compiling PEAK-based application with 
py2exe will not be a trivial task; it really isn't.  <wink>

but the problem is different from what i expected: i thought that py2exe 
will not find lazily loaded modules and that i will need to list them 
all in py2exe arguments.  actually, reload() called for lazy modules in 
_loadAndRunHooks() cannot load modules from py2exe archive.  e.g. for 
LazyModule 'peak.config.interfaces' it raises ImportError: No module 
named interfaces.

i will try to solve the problem myself, but not today.  i write this 
mail in case anyone else is interested to take a look.

best wishes,

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