[PEAK] PEAK documentation

John Landahl john at landahl.org
Thu Nov 13 21:18:16 EST 2003

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 20:06:35 -0500, Phillip J. Eby <pje at telecommunity.com> 

> At 06:46 PM 11/13/03 -0800, darryl wrote:
>> Nothing in particular. The pyprotocols documentation is extensive, 
>> detailed, and.... well overwhelming. :)
> Yep, that's PyProtocols, at one end of the spectrum, with PEAK at the 
> other...  sigh.

Some more PEAK documentation ideas occurred to me this morning.  I'm using 
many of PEAK's features in my agent/service project -- just added 
EditableFile to the list a couple days ago, for example, have been using 
UUID pretty heavily lately, will probably start using AdaptiveTask soon, 
and the app is pretty much based on the binding, config, naming, model, 
and storage modules.  Enumerating and categorizing all the features I'm 
using would go a long way toward an outline for a broad PEAK Developer's 
Guide.  I could then write what I know about each of the features I'm 
using, and Phillip, you could correct any of my mistakes or mistaken 
assumptions, or just fill in details or background that I don't have.  A 
first draft of this would probably go quicker than finishing the 
PeakDatabaseApplications tutorial I started, and should have broad appeal 
as a basic reference guide to using PEAK.

So, are there any particular topics that you (anyone) would like to see 

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