[PEAK] peak questions

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Nov 13 16:11:32 EST 2003

At 06:14 PM 11/13/03 +0100, Christophe Vigny wrote:
>hi all.
>I just discover peak and i have some questions.
>What are the link between peak and trans warp, which seem to aim do aop 
>programming with python ?

Transwarp was about a lot more than just AOP; specifically, it was about 
using AOP to do model-driven architecture (MDA).  The portions of Transwarp 
that did this mostly still exist as peak.model, peak.metamodels, and 

PEAK itself covers a much larger application area: component-oriented 
software development for "enterprise" applications.

>Peak seems to be quite enormous, when do you think we can use it in 
>production ?

Well, I'm using some parts in production now.  peak.binding, peak.config, 
and peak.naming, which make up the core of PEAK functionality, are 
reasonably stable, with binding being most stable and naming being most 
likely to have significant changes.

However, I don't recommend anybody else use it in production unless they're 
sure they can fix anything that breaks.  :)  More significantly, they 
should be sure they can put up with the amount of API changes that take 
place during the alpha cycles.

>Is there a complete application demonstration about how tu use and what do 
>with it.

No.  But I'd recommend taking a look at the examples/ directory in CVS.  It 
includes examples of peak.running.commands, peak.model, peak.binding, and 
some other odds and ends.

One problem with having a "complete" demonstration for PEAK is that it's 
like asking for a "complete" demonstration of Python.  :)  Really, PEAK's 
overall reach is much broader even than that of Twisted or Zope, which both 
concentrate on application servers.  There are parts of PEAK that want to 
be part of every non-trivial application, regardless of form.

>last one hard to read .tex on windows, really hard and the pdf on the web 
>wont print.

It won't print properly in Acrobat 5.  It does print, however, with Acrobat 
4.  I don't know about Acrobat 6, though.  Which version do you use?

I expect it also prints properly using Ghostscript, but haven't checked.

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