[TransWarp] naming.lookup requires kwarg creationParent

ueck at net-labs.de ueck at net-labs.de
Sat May 10 07:20:41 EDT 2003

Hi Phillip,

one thing that often happens to me lately is, that when i do:

something = naming.lookup(context, "some://url")

the configuration-context is not set properly.

to make it work i need to write:

something = naming.lookup(context, "some://url", creationParent=context)

only then, the configuration-machinery works as expected.

is this wanted in favour to "explicit is better than implicit"??

it smells like we'll need a FAQ entry for that case ;-) if this
behaviour stays as is. 

In what situations would one want to lookup something in context
and not "plugging" it into the configuration-machinery ??

I'ld expect not having to supply a creation-parent when already
specifying a context (the possiblity to do it explicit should 
stay .. but if not given one might automagically use the context
as creation-parent).

what do you think?


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