[TransWarp] Testing Help Needed: URL contexts

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Wed May 7 20:18:19 EDT 2003

I just checked in a replacement for the old URL parsing mechanisms in PEAK, 
and I could really use some help with validating that the existing 
supported schemes are parsed correctly by the current CVS version of 
PEAK.  Specifically, I'm looking for suggested additions to the samples 
currently in 'peak.naming.tests'.

If you can supply examples of URLs that produce parse failures, incorrect 
resulting field values, or incorrect formatting of a parsed URL, please 
send them to me via the list, preferably in the form of additions to the 
test suite.  If you can come up with some additional "name arithmetic" 
tests, too, that would be fantastic.  I'm really not that good at coming up 
with exhaustive examples for test cases, so our current suite for these 
things is pretty minimal.

Please don't bother with checking 'http', 'ftp', 'https', and 'file' URLs 
right now since we are effectively parsing those using 'urllib2' for 
now.  All other URL schemes listed in 'peak.ini' are fair game, however.

If you're unsure how a particular URL scheme or bit of naming arithmetic is 
supposed to work, feel free to ask here; then I can add my answers to the 
docs.  :)  Thanks.

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