[TransWarp] PEAK 0.5a1 is released

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu May 1 15:45:45 EDT 2003

I am pleased to announce the release of PEAK, The Python Enterprise 
Application Kit, version 0.5, alpha 1.

This is the first official "release" of PEAK.  It's mainly intended to 
serve as a milestone against which future releases are measured.  That is, 
our changelog has to start somewhere.  :)

Nonetheless, this version boasts an impressive array of features -- so 
impressive, in fact, that the feature *overview* is too long for this 
email.  Instead, please see the README, which may be found at:


along with the current API reference, and the installation 
instructions.  If this is your first exposure to PEAK, we recommend you 
take a look at our crude beginnings of a tutorial, at:


Finally, the downloadable source and binary installation packages are 
available at:


and other PEAK information and resources may be found at PEAK's home page:



Although the software itself is largely stable and reasonably free of bugs, 
this version should be considered as still an early release for 
experimenters and tinkerers, not a production quality 
release.  Documentation is scattered and brief.  APIs are still subject to 
flux, although most are not expected to change significantly.

PEAK does not yet offer significant tools for building applications with 
Zope X3.  At present, it can crudely publish an "application" using 
'zope.publisher' via CGI or FastCGI, but does not integrate with Zope 
security, views, or any other advanced features.  We do not expect to have 
such features until alpha 3 or later.

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