[TransWarp] PEAK 0.5a2

Lateef Jackson lj at socialserve.com
Fri Jun 20 15:34:32 EDT 2003

Where to start?
	Well I have been developing Enterprise apps for the last 2 years. Starting 
with Vitria and now I am in deep with JBoss (Open Source J2EE container). So 
I have done a little palying in the middleware arena. 
	In the last couple months I have experimented with my own Middleware server. 
It smells a lot more like J2EE than PEAK and is very Javaish. It supports the 
standard persitance, message, scheduled, rpc (session). XML configuration 
files, persitance cache and I am probably forgeting something. Also I am 
working on more server (socket or port) type component.
	Is there an ongoing conversation about Python Middleware? Is there any 
conversation about a spec? Unfortunatly I think that the J2EE spec gets in 
way of devloping J2EE apps. However it keeps the options open for developers 
so that alone makes it worth it. A spec for Python Middleware writen by 
developers and not the Venders (specifically db venders) could be a really 
sweeeeeet spec.

Thanks for any info,

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