[TransWarp] New to PEAK

darryl developer at csrules.dyndns.org
Fri Jun 20 00:06:49 EDT 2003

Thanks for your quick and thorough reply. In short I have a partially
fleshed out customer complaint tracking application done in zope and zope
scripts using postgresql instead of the ZODB for actual data storage.
Shortly into that effort I realized that the way I was going about it
locked me into zope and left me without a graphical UI for any long term
growth. This left a somewhat sour taste in my mouth.

I am not a programmer by trade but find out some time ago that being
inherantly lazy if I spend some time automating stuff in a 'program' of
some sort I end up doing less paperwork.

The information you gave here and some of the recent posts have helped
point things in the right direction and as I wrap my head around this I'll
ask questions on this list, ok?


> Again, this could be more specific if you had a specific application in
> mind.
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