[TransWarp] need a sample PEAK- Form DB connection code

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Jun 19 12:58:57 EDT 2003

At 03:45 AM 6/9/03 -0700, spanigrahy at Xanthus.Net wrote:
>Dear Sir,
>1)I have successfully installed PEAK latest version.I am looking for a
>sample code of a Form-DB connection using PEAK.The DB used can be

PEAK does not currently support MySQL, but it includes example drivers for 
Sybase, PostgreSQL, and Gadfly, and you can use the code as an example to 
develop drivers of your own.

A simple example of connecting to a database:

from peak.api import config, storage

root = config.makeRoot()
db = root.lookupComponent('sybase://someLogin:aPasswrord@theServer/dbname')


for row in db('select * from sometable'):
     print row


PEAK can be used to do simple DB processing, but it's usually more useful 
to create a domain model that describes your application, and then create 
data managers (typically by subclassing storage.EntityDM) to load and save 
your objects from the database.

>Please help me in this regard.I have gone thru the
>documentation of PEAK from http://peak.telecommunity.com/tut.pdf, it has
>lot of explanation about different API's in peak but it hardly speak any
>examples to test and run those api's. Please help me in getting sample
>codes/examples as to how to run an application in PEAK(python enterprise
>application kit)

As it says in the README file, PEAK is still in a very early stage of 
development, and very little documentation or examples exist.  I'd suggest 
you go back and read this mailing list's archives, as many people have 
posted short examples as part of their questions to me, and I have given 
them feedback or guidance on improving them.

>2)I have problems in installing ZPattern on Linux.It is looking for a
>Makeup.file.ini but it doesn't comes in python2.2.Please help me in this

Check the ZPatterns mailing list archives; I believe this question has been 
covered there.

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