[TransWarp] need a sample PEAK- Form DB connection code

spanigrahy at Xanthus.Net spanigrahy at Xanthus.Net
Mon Jun 9 06:45:59 EDT 2003

Dear Sir,

1)I have successfully installed PEAK latest version.I am looking for a
sample code of a Form-DB connection using PEAK.The DB used can be
ZODB/mysql.Please help me in this regard.I have gone thru the
documentation of PEAK from http://peak.telecommunity.com/tut.pdf, it has
lot of explanation about different API's in peak but it hardly speak any
examples to test and run those api's. Please help me in getting sample
codes/examples as to how to run an application in PEAK(python enterprise
application kit)
2)I have problems in installing ZPattern on Linux.It is looking for a
Makeup.file.ini but it doesn't comes in python2.2.Please help me in this
bye sushant

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